Plaque may not be shown in the shape that you want, however it still may be available.

For example:  If you see a small horizontal and you want it in a heart shape ~ we can do that.  Just let us know and we'll email it to you!

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We have plaques of many sizes, with beautiful verses and a fine finish, handmade in the State of Oregon, USA.  Distributors and Bookstores can call us to get more information:  541-928-0244. We make the orders according to the customer's request and are processed in order of receipt.  If your business is  a bookstore the process normally takes a week to manufacture the plaques.  If you are a distributor 2-3 weeks, plus the shipping time. Please make your order in time.  Orders may take longer during peak seasons.  We also do custom pictures, versing and special awards.

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